ROOR Intro Collector Series Beaker Water Pipes

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ROOR Intro Collector Series Beaker Water Pipes


Sometimes spelled ROOR Kollector series.

These limited edition beaker water pipes come in two sizes: 18 inches and 14 inches. 

100% authentic by ROOR.

We are an authorized seller of ROOR glass bongs. Each piece comes with an official ROOR scan and check authentication tag. Each piece comes with its own bowl, wooden bowl tray and wooden ROOR collectors box (made of real wood!).

NOTE: Sometimes the color of the downstems and bowls do not necessarily match with the color of the logo. For example, sometimes the green piece may come with a white downstem and a white bowl. This is also true for the orange and blue colors as well. Other times, they may come with a matching bowl. Please keep this in mind before purchasing. 

The white color is more of a very light grey with the logo on the back of the beaker inverted as opposed to the photo.

We also have a 45mm by 5mm size available. This neck of the 45x5 is more narrow than the 50x5. This product is coming next week.

Product info:

  • Two sizes: 14" and 18" 
  • 50mm x 5mm
  • Ice pinch in the neck
  • Complete with bowl
  • Complete with wooden bowl tray
  • Complete with downstem
  • Tag of authentication with QR scan code
  • Comes in wooden ROOR collectors box (very last photo)

All downstems, bowls, and bowl trays are 100% authentic by ROOR.

*** Again, please note that the color of the downstems and bowls do not necessarily match the color of the ROOR logo. They may be white, black or a matching color. 

Rest assured, these pieces will be shipped with the utmost care.

Not for sale to minors. Must be of legal age to purchase. 


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