Quantum Scientific Glass Honeycomb Ring Bowl

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Quantum Scientific Glass Honeycomb Ring Bowl

Product Description:

Experience the pinnacle of smoking accessories with the Quantum Scientific Glass Ring Bowl. Designed with precision and style, this bowl features a frosted 14mm joint and an integrated honeycomb filter, ensuring a cleaner and smoother smoking experience.


  • High-Quality Glass Construction: Made from premium, heat-resistant glass, this bowl is built to last and withstand regular use.
  • Frosted 14mm Joint: The 14mm frosted joint provides a secure and airtight fit, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.
  • Honeycomb Filter: Equipped with a honeycomb filter, this bowl offers superior filtration, reducing impurities and delivering a smoother, cleaner hit.
  • Sleek Design: The clear glass with the distinctive ring design and Quantum branding adds a touch of elegance to your setup.

Why Choose the Quantum Scientific Glass Ring Bowl?

  1. Enhanced Filtration: The honeycomb filter effectively filters out unwanted particles, providing a purer and more enjoyable smoking experience.
  2. Durable and Reliable: Crafted from high-quality materials, this bowl is designed for longevity and consistent performance.
  3. Perfect Fit: The frosted 14mm joint ensures a snug and secure fit, compatible with a wide range of bongs and rigs.
  4. Stylish Aesthetic: Its sleek and modern design, paired with the Quantum logo, makes it a standout addition to any collection.

Product Specifications:

  • Joint Size: 14mm (Frosted)
  • Material: Premium borosilicate heat-resistant glass
  • Filter Type: Honeycomb filter

Upgrade your smoking experience with the Quantum Scientific Glass Ring Bowl. Its combination of advanced filtration, durable construction, and elegant design makes it the perfect choice for any smoking enthusiast. Enjoy cleaner, smoother hits with this expertly crafted glass bowl, and elevate your sessions to a new level of sophistication.


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