Puffco Proxy Wizard

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Puffco Proxy Wizard

The Puffco Proxy Wizard is a captivating hand pipe attachment designed to enhance your Puffco Proxy concentrate vaporizer. With its enchanting design and functional features, this accessory is perfect for both seasoned wizards and novices alike.

Key Features:

  1. Gandalf-Style Spiral Stem: The Proxy Wizard boasts a long twisted spiral stem reminiscent of the iconic wizard’s pipe. As you inhale, the vapor swirls through the winding path, allowing it to cool before reaching your lips. The unique design adds an element of magic to your vaping sessions.

  2. Ergonomic Grooves: Crafted with comfort in mind, the Proxy Wizard features ergonomic grooves along its stem. These grooves provide a secure grip, ensuring that your mystical vaping experience remains enjoyable.

  3. Easy Attachment: Attaching the Proxy Wizard to your Puffco Proxy vaporizer is a breeze. Simply slide it onto the vaporizer’s mouthpiece, and you’re ready to embark on your wizardly adventures.

Why Choose the Puffco Proxy Wizard?

  • Style and Functionality: The Proxy Wizard seamlessly combines style and functionality. Whether you’re attending a magical gathering or simply enjoying some downtime in your wizard’s tower, this accessory adds flair to your vaporizing ritual.

  • Cooler Vapor: The spiral stem not only looks enchanting but also cools down the vapor. Say goodbye to harsh hits—now you can savor the flavors of your favorite concentrates without discomfort.

  • Conversation Starter: The Proxy Wizard is bound to attract attention. Fellow wizards, witches, and even curious Muggles will inquire about your unique pipe, providing an opportunity to share your vaping wisdom.

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Remember, whether you’re a sorcerer, alchemist, or just a curious adventurer, the Puffco Proxy Wizard awaits you!

For adults only! Not for sale to minors. Must be of legal smoking age to purchase. 


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