Mya Hookah Freeze Hose

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Mya Freeze Hookah Hose with Icicles

100% authentic GUARANTEED.

The Mya Freeze Hookah Hose is a game-changer for hookah enthusiasts. Designed exclusively by MYA, this patented hose takes the hookah experience to a whole new level. Let’s dive into the details:

Key Features:

  • Length: Measuring 6 feet (72 inches), the Mya Freeze hose provides ample reach for comfortable smoking sessions.
  • Cooling Mechanism: The smoke is chilled as it passes through the hose using a non-toxic water capsule that you simply freeze and slide into the hose handle.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit nearly all MYA hookahs.
  • Colors: Available in 8 vibrant colors to match your style.

Experience the Chill

The patented MYA Freeze hose delivers a flush yet icy draw, offering a cold rush and a sharp sense of luxury to the smoking experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of placing ice cubes directly into the chamber—MYA’s Freeze Hose provides a clean and convenient alternative. Here’s how it works:

  1. Freeze the Icicles: Chill the icicles separately until the hose is ready to be used.
  2. Easy Assembly: Insert the chilled icicles into the tube handle.
  3. Enjoy: Experience the elegance of hookah at its best with a refreshing chill.

Why Choose the Mya Freeze Hose?

  • Innovative Design: MYA pushes boundaries by inventing a modern twist on the traditional hookah hose.
  • Enhanced Sensation: The icy draw adds a touch of luxury to your smoking sessions.
  • Convenience: No more melting ice cubes—just freeze the capsules and enjoy.

Feel free to explore the world of hookah with the Mya Freeze Hose!


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